Sleep guide developed by staff and students is launched at conference

Sleep: A Guide for Parents

A resource for parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders developed by members of the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders and the charity Cerebra was successfully launched at a conference in Birmingham at the end of June.

‘Sleep: A Guide for Parents’ was written by PhD student Georgie Agar, Jayne Trickett, Professor Chris Oliver and Dr Caroline Richards to help parents understand why sleep problems are more common in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, and what can be done to improve them.

The guide was launched at a sleep conference organised by Cerebra and attended by over 150 parents and professionals in the West Midlands. PhD student Georgie Agar, Lecturer Dr Caroline Richards and Reader Dr Andrew Bagshaw, presented sleep research from their work at the University of Birmingham, alongside presentations from sleep experts from Southampton University and the University of Coventry. One parent also shared her experiences of parenting a child with severe sleep problems. 

Download ‘Sleep: A Guide for Parents’