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Posted 04 October 2018

How widespread is belief in miracles? It's more common than you might think...

A recent survey reveals three in five (62%) British adults believe that some form of miracle is possible today. Professor Yujin Nagasawa discusses belief in miracles for BBC Radio 4's Sunday programme. The report on miracles begins at 32:05, the discussion with Professor Nagasawa begins at 37:05.

Posted 04 October 2018

The ethics of surrogacy

Dr Herjeet Marway (Department of Philosophy) writes for The Birmingham Brief on the complex ethical issues surrounding surrogacy.

Posted 25 September 2018

The ethical case against sex-selective abortion isn't simple

Dr Jeremy Williams (Department of Philosophy and Centre for the Study of Global Ethics), writes for The Conversation on the morality and legality of sex-selective terminations, a key topic in public debate over abortion in many countries over the last few years.

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