Undergraduate study in Philosophy

Have you ever considered the difference between knowing something and merely believing it? Have you ever worried about how to tell right from wrong, or even considered that there may be no such things?

Perhaps you’ve even asked yourself how it is that words and sentences have meaning - how this printed material is conveying information to you? Come to Birmingham to study Philosophy and develop the analytical skills required to address these issues and explore the world around you.


Single Honours

Philosophy BA

Philosophy is for people who find they are bothered by questions that their friends can cheerfully ignore. They do not want to settle for conventional answers and received wisdom, but rather arrive at answers that stand up to the most [more...]

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics BA

What is the meaning and goal of life? How do different religions, cultures and philosophies understand the human predicament?

Studying the undergraduate BA Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at the University of Birmingham allows you to [more...]

Politics, Religion and Philosophy BA

Explore significant dimensions of public and private life such as political thinking, contemporary issues in religion and critical philosophical enquiry on this distinctive undergraduate degree course.  

Studying BA Politics, [more...]

Joint Honours

All of these programmes provide students with a grounding in core areas of philosophy (the building blocks of all philosophy) as well as with lots of opportunity to explore the areas of philosophy which they are particularly drawn to. We also encourage students to develop their own particular interests and students take ‘independent study’ modules to prepare them for their final year project (the 'dissertation'). This gives students scope to immerse themselves in the area of philosophy they love best or to tackle the philosophy dilemma which troubles them most. 

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