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15 May 2019

PhD Students' Publication Success!

Recently, two project PERFECT outputs have been published featuring the work of our brilliant PhD students Eugenia Lancellotta and Magdalena Antrobus.

25 February 2019

Metaphysics of Entanglement in Urbino

On January 22 2019, Al Wilson was in Urbino, Italy to speak at a workshop on the metaphysics of entanglement – the 2021 case study for FraMEPhys.

18 February 2019

Mathematics, Metaphysics and Evolution

Topics discussed on the last day of the FramePhys/Gothenburg conference on Metaphysical Explanation in Science, linking mathematics, science, biological evolution and metaphysics led Aaron Sloman

14 February 2019

On Love

Doctoral researcher Valeria Motta writes a blogpost on her research into loneliness and solitude for Valentine's Day.

01 February 2019

The ugly side of beauty

Professor Heather Widdows (Department of Philosophy) is interviewed for Guernica (a magazine of global art and politics) about appearance, the pressures to be perfect, and how beauty has become a measure for success.

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