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QS World University Rankings Top 50 - Theology, Divinity & Religious StudiesThe Department of Theology and Religion has an outstanding international reputation, spanning the formation and development of the foundational texts and manuscripts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to their interpretation in feminist, ethical, theological, philosophical and environmental perspectives, with specialisms in Sikhism, interfaith engagement, and the study of lived religion and its impact on society. It is at the interface of religion and society that teachers and researchers have made a wider impact, and changed the way governments and public bodies nationally and internationally engage with faith communities, including during the Covid pandemic.



23 May 2018

'Europe's New Migrants: Marriage Practices and Policies' conference report

Dr Yafa Shanneik reflects on the recent conference which provided an interactive platform to explore from legal, religious and social perspectives the many issues related to marriage practices of Muslim migrants in Europe and was an opportunity to hear about and discuss the research findings of academics and legal practitioners from the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland.

17 May 2018

'One size fits all' approach to mental health doesn't work for BAME communities

There have been massive strides in recent years as to how mental health is viewed within society. People from across the social spectrum appear to be far more willing to publicly discuss their mental ill health, something previously considered best kept 'behind closed doors'. However, despite such societal developments, the subject of mental health remains a taboo within many communities in the UK.

03 May 2018

Oxford Three Faiths Encounter Week

CPUR Honorary Fellow Imam Monawar Hussain writes about the first Oxford Three Faiths Week - an opportunity for Christians, Muslims and Jews, to meet each other and to go 'Beyond the Headlines.'

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