Beyond Feminist Biblical Studies

New book by Dr Deryn Guest

In today’s postfeminist, post-structuralist milieu, feminist biblical studies—despite its now well-established place in the discipline—can seem out on a limb, too narrowly concerned with the interests of women: women in the text, women in history, women readers. Its connections with studies in masculinities, with queer theories, with lesbian and gay studies may appear thin and flimsy. As the current terminology shifts perceptibly to ‘gender criticism’, this book examines the continued place of feminist biblical studies within the discipline.

Is it now the time, Deryn Guest asks, for feminist biblical scholars to resist more strongly than ever the threats of a diluted feminist agenda and feminist politics, the erasure of women’s concerns from public consciousness, the loss of autonomy for feminist space? Or is it the time to make a definite shift and abandon the language of ‘feminism’?

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