Scriptural reasoning and the meeting of Abrahamic faiths: an aesthetic politics of religions

David CheethamDr David Cheetham will be giving an open lecture at the Al-Maktoum College, Dundee on 21 January 2014.


Seeking to find a new way of meeting between Abrahamic traditions, Scriptural Reasoning has established a unique dynamic. This unique dynamic centres on meetings that are based on friendship rather than consensus, wisdom rather than propositional knowledge or binary thinking. Such virtues are not without problems. This lecture reflects on how the results of Scriptural Reasoning, and the insights gleaned from the meetings, can be passed on to the Abrahamic communities and the wider public. It will focus on the aesthetics of Scriptural Reasoning and its performance; and it will suggest that the meetings of scholars or ‘representatives’ around their texts constitute a ‘classic’ which through vicarious performance can affect the wider public - an aesthetic politics of religions.

The lecture is free to attend, however registration is required due to capacity.

For more information please contact or +44 (0)1382 908070