The Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion

The Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion was established in 2014 to enhance the public understanding of religion regionally, nationally and internationally through a series of distinctive, strategic and engaged interdisciplinary programmes. We deliver innovative, interdisciplinary, impact-driven and internationally-excellent research exploring the significance of religious belief and practice for public and professional life, working with faith communities and policy makers to develop informed agendas for social transformation.



08 June 2020

Trump and the Christian persecution complex

Conservative evangelicals in particular feel that they are under attack by the forces of secularism, feminism, relativism' - Department of Theology's Candida Moss interviewed for this week's onthemedia podcast.

18 May 2020

Lunch Series on Religion and Nationalism: Turkey

Jocelyne Cesari is joined by A. Erdi Ozturk (London Metropolitan University), to engage in a discussion on the status of Islam in the building of Turkey as a secular nation-state and on modern-day Turkish politics.

28 January 2020

Francis Davis launches major Rwanda study

Study - 'Ageing in Rwanda: Challenges for Church, State and Nation ' - is collaboration between the University of Birmingham's Cadbury Centre and Tearfund

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