Staff in Theology and Religion

Professors, Readers, Senior Lecturers and Lecturers

Dr Katherine E Brown
Head of Department
Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies 

Professor Nicholas Adams
Professor of Philosophical Theology

Professor Allan Anderson
Professor of Mission and Pentecostal Studies

Dr Daniela C Augustine
Reader in World Christianity and Pentecostal Studies

Professor Jocelyne Cesari
Professor of Religion and Politics 

Professor David Cheetham  
Head of School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion
Professor of Philosophical Theology

Dr Andrew Davies  
Reader in the Public Understanding of Religion

Professor Francis Davis
Professor of Religion, Communities and Public Policy

Dr Amy Daughton 
Lecturer in Practical Theology

Professor Fern Elsdon-Baker
Professor of Science, Knowledge and Belief in Society

Dr Deryn Guest
Senior Lecturer in Biblical Hermeneutics

Professor Charlotte Hempel
Professor of Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism

Professor Hugh Houghton
Professor of New Testament Textual Scholarship

Dr Haifaa Jawad
Senior Lecturer in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Dr Jagbir Jhutti-Johal 
Senior Lecturer in Sikh Studies

Dr Stephen H. Jones 
Lecturer in Theology and Religion

Dr Jeremy Kidwell
Senior Lecturer in Theological Ethics

Dr Grace Milton 
Research Fellow in Theology and Religion

Professor Candida Moss
Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology 

Professor David Parker
Professor of Digital Philology 

Professor Stephen Pattison
Professor of Religion, Ethics and Practice

Professor Oliver Scharbrodt
Professor of Islamic Studies

Dr Yafa Shanneik
Lecturer in Islamic Studies

Dr Richard Todd 
Lecturer in Islamic Studies

Dr Sophia Vasalou
Birmingham Fellow in Philosophical Theology 

Professor Wolfgang Vondey 
Professor of Christian Theology and Pentecostal Studies

Dr Karen Wenell
Lecturer in New Testament and Theology

Dr Isabel Wollaston 
Senior Lecturer in Jewish and Holocaust Studies

Research and Teaching Fellows

Dr Josef Boehle 
Research Fellow in Globalisation, Religion and Politics

Dr John Chesworth
Research Officer Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History 1500-1900

Dr Alba Fedeli
Research Fellow, Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing

Dr Alexander Hall
Research Fellow, Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum project

Dr William Lamb
Research Fellow, Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing

Dr Panagiotis Manafis
Research Fellow, Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing

Dr Glen Moran
Research Fellow

Dr Maryyum Mehmood
Teaching Fellow and Centre Facilitator, Edward Cadbury Centre

Dr Amy Myshrall
Research Fellow, Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing

Dr Grace J Park
Teaching Fellow

Dr Georgi Parpulov
Research Fellow, Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing

Dr Sanjee Perera
Research Fellow

Dr Carissa Sharp
Research Fellow

Dr Rachael Shillitoe
Research Associate

Dr Catherine Smith
Research Fellow and Technical Officer, Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing

Dr Harris Wiseman
Research Associate, bioethics, applied philosophy, science and belief

Dr Natalia Zarzecna
Research Fellow in Experimental Social Psychology

Associate, Emeritus and Honorary Staff

Dr Heather Buckingham 
Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Ann Conway-Jones
Honorary Research Fellow

Professor Ben Pink Dandelion
Honorary Professor of Quaker Studies

Dr Marius Felderhof
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr Rhiannon Grant 
Honorary Lecturer in Modern Quaker Thought

Dr Elizabeth Harris
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Professor Jorgen Nielsen 
Emeritus Professor of Contemporary European Islam

Dr Tanya Riches
Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Sigvard Von Sicard
Emeritus Senior Research Fellow

Professor R. S. Sugirtharajah
Emeritus Professor of Biblical Hermeneutics

Dr Sharada Sugirtharajah 
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr John Usher
Honorary Research Fellow

Professor David Thomas 
Emeritus Professor of Christianity and Islam

Professor Werner Ustorf
Emeritus Professor of Mission

Michael Wilkinson
(Trinity Western University, Distance learning Instructor at Birmingham)

Professor Frances Young
Emerita Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology