50 years of HSMC

50 years of HSMC

Throughout 2022, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of HSMC. That is 50 years of being one of the UK’s foremost centres for research and evaluation, teaching and professional development for health and social care organisations. 50 years of being a “critical friend” of the healthcare community and striving to bridge the gap between research and practice. 

To help us celebrate our anniversary, we are launching an exciting festival of celebrations for 2022, which will bring together HSMC students and alumni, past and current staff as well as partner organisations and other stakeholders. 

Over the forthcoming year, we will be hosting a number of initiatives, events and activities, which you can take part in through visiting this page. Also, don’t forget to check our Twitter channel and follow our hashtag,  #HSMC50

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Dining room at Park House
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The pond in Park House
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Park House in the 1970s
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Park House in the 1970s
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Southfield Room, Park House
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HSMC Support Staff Away Day
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IHF Senior Overseas course 1983
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HSMC Kitchen 1980s
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Southfield Room, Park House
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Dining Room at Park House
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Making way for the new athletics track, Park House
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HSMC Library
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Former HSMC Directors. D. Williams, C. Ham, M. Drummond, P. Spurgeon.

Key speakers from the HSMC at 50 Conference

The Rt Hon. Jacqui Smith on the differences that we can make and the part that HSMC can play coming out of the pandemic.
Dr Ross Millar on the key challenges facing our health/social care services and HSMC’s role for providing support and development.
Sarah Morgan on working with HSMC, the workforce challenges in health/social care and leading through turbulent times.
Lord Victor Adebowale on the biggest challenges facing the health and social care sectors.

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Celebrating 50 years of the Health Services Management Centre
Former NHS General Management Trainee Sarah Morgan, reflects on the recent HSMC conference celebrating its 50th anniversary.  

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Park House in the snowMemories of HSMC

Below, staff and associates, both past and present, share their memories of HSMC.

HSMC has been a good friend to me throughout my life-both when I studied there for my Masters degree which was my first ever academic experience and very uplifting) and when I returned as a staff member. My colleagues in room 22 (Iestyn Williams, Helen Dickinson, Suzanne Robinson initially) took pity on me as a rookie and gave me their time, shared their expertise and were consistently kind as well as funny! I have never worked anywhere else with so many genuinely lovely, interesting, challenging yet gentle individuals and I owe them all so much. There are too many to name! My greatest privilege was to have the time, support and encouragement to explore why my profession-nursing- was struggling to consistently provide good care to patients, given that this is the only reason people become a nurse (certainly not for the pay or glamorous working conditions!) By exploring the concept of Emotional Labour as a fundamental requirement but little known facet of care, I was able to work with the NHS to apply the research in practice, delivered a Tedex talk; developed Improvement Labs with my colleague Alistair Hewison and edited a book enlisting the talents of many contributors. I never imagined I could achieve any of this and HSMC deserves all the credit. Thankyou one and all. 

Yvonne Sawbridge, Student 2002, ex-member of staff 2011-2018

I remember holding HfMA Research Committee meetings at HSMC - must have been every 2 months in the 80s/90s. Peter Cole and I wrote the booklet "Home Thoughts From Abroad" as part of that Committee.

Paul Taylor, HfMA Member - used HSMC because Tony Cooke was a member

My memories are of Wast Hills House in and around the early 1970’s. Being a former home of the Cadbury family there were some rooms in which we were requested to desist from drinking and the bar was an honour bar which apparently was never short changed Attended three times on courses for Area Dental Officers….one of the new posts of the 1974 NHS reorganisation. “Mac”was the Centre Manager. On my third visit, via the pillow in my room, he returned to me the pyjamas I had left on the previous visit. I had not even missed them, but this was not due to any shenanigans, honest!

Roger Bettles, Student, three visits over about four years either side of 1974

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