Policy, reform and analysis

Our work in this area includes both research for policy and research of policy, from the national/ system level to the organisational level. In particular, we focus on the stages of health policy including policy formulation, implementation and evaluation.

What do we do in this area?


Current and recent research projects include:

·     Evaluation of the RCP Chief Registrar programme (2016-2017) 
      Evaluation of the FMLM Strategic Peer Support Programme for Medical Leaders (2016) 
      Integrated care and support pioneers programme evaluation (2015 - 2020)

·     Phronesis and the medical community (2015-2018)

·     Decommissioning in health care: The view of patients, service users, carers and the public (2015-2017)

·     Understanding employee whistleblowing in health care (2015 - 2017)

·     Diverse health care providers: Behaviour in response to commissioners, patients (2015-2017)


We examine many areas of policy, policy reform and policy evaluation across all our programmes, but the module which is most relevant to this theme is: ‘Health and Health Care Policy’

How do we do this?

In our policy work, we collaborate with a range of regional and national health and care organisations in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors, in order to maximise the impact and reach of this activity.

HSMC seeks constantly to act as a bridge between research and practice. Our policy work is a key part of this process, and includes:

-  research-based workshops and seminars for senior NHS leaders;

- briefings on new and emerging policy ideas;

- round table research discussions for policy makers;

- analytical support and advice to health service organisations; and

-  regular series of Viewpoint articles on current health and social care topics on the HSMC website. 

Who is involved in this work stream?

Mervyn ConroyMark ExworthyNicola GaleRussell MannionRoss MillarCatherine NeedhamAlexis PatonMartin PowellJudith SmithIain Snelling, Iestyn Williams