All of our programmes emphasise current policy and practice in the NHS and other health care systems, and are explicitly designed to support professional as well as academic development HSMC has pioneered innovative approaches to personal and professional development. We deliver multi-award winning national leadership programmes that have made a real difference to the working lives of staff and have improved patient care and experience across all healthcare settings.

We have a strong track record of co-designing postgraduate teaching and learning programmes with patients and healthcare professionals. - we provide outstanding research-led education for current and future leaders of health and care services both nationally and internationally. We create an inclusive and fulfilling learning environment that supports the personal development and growth of learners, and the knowledge and skills learners will need in their future careers 


Usually our students study part-time (over 2 years) whilst working in the health service or a related field. However, we do have a number of full-time international students studying on our programmes. 

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Our degree and apprenticeship programmes

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Studying at HSMC

Our programmes provide a challenging and inspiring study experience for both existing and aspiring practitioners in health and social care organisations. They equip participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop both their careers and organisations.

HSMC staff bring their wide knowledge of UK and international health systems (gained through research and consultancy activities, as well as their own professional experience) to their teaching and tutorial support for students.

This emphasis on combining theory and practice is maintained throughout all of our programmes, from the choice of titles for assignments, through the involvement of practitioners and policy makers in teaching activities, to the topics selected for dissertations.

Our Alumni

HSMC are keen to promote and share the achievements of all its Alumni. Find out how you can keep in touch and view all our alumni profiles throughout the School of Social Policy

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