Sarah Turner

Changing Gender Roles

Supervisors: Dr Shelley Budgeon and Dr Frances Rogan

Looking at the phenomenon of ‘having it all’ linked with gender (norms/roles), and how feminism, especially postfeminism, is intertwined with this. Specific interest lies with working-mothers, their work-family-life balance, and how ‘contemporary’ women (especially working-mothers) have multiple labours/shifts to perform.  Furthermore, researching how working-mothers are portrayed in popular culture, specifically in the mainstream media, and whether this is an accurate representation compared to ‘real-life’ working-mothers. 


Sarah is British/German and was born in Brussels. At the age of four she moved to the Netherlands where she spent her primary school years, before moving to Italy where she spent her secondary school years. Sarah then moved to the UK for her university studies, where she has done her Bachelor and Masters degree before starting her PhD at the University of Birmingham. 


  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Cambridge; Department of Geography)
  • Master of Arts (Cardiff University; School of Journalism, Media and Culture)

Research interests

  • Gender studies
  • (post)feminism studies
  • Popular culture
  • Work-family-balance