What does the study involve?

This study will take place in 30 secondary schools, with year 8 and year 10 pupils.

Researchers will compare pupil mental wellbeing in schools that restrict phone use, with schools that permit phone use (e.g. allow phones to be used at breaks and lunchtimes).

Researchers will also measure behaviours associated with mental wellbeing, such as, physical activity, sleep, attainment and classroom behaviour.

To collect this data, pupils will complete a 30 minute online survey and wear an activity monitor watch for 7 days.

The class teacher and a member of the senior leadership team will complete a 30 minute online survey.

In some schools, 60 minute focus groups with pupils, school staff and parents/carers will take place.

Schools will receive £600 for taking part, and pupils will receive a £5 voucher for taking part.

Forms for download

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