Our commitment to equality

We are a global community. We believe our diversity is a source of strength that underpins the exchange of ideas, innovation and debate at the heart of our academic mission.

The promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion is central to the mission and vision of the University of Birmingham. On our founding in 1900, one of our key commitments was to accept women and people of all religious backgrounds as equal members of the University. Today, as a community of over 145 nationalities in one of the UK’s most vibrant cities, challenging discrimination, addressing inequalities and promoting greater understanding continues to be at the heart of what we do.

Professor Adam Tickell

Professor Adam Tickell

Vice-Chancellor, University of Birmingham

“We are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive learning and working environment where discrimination is not tolerated, where all members of the University can flourish and reach their full potential; where we engage with and learn from our community and where we affect positive change within the University, our city and wider society.”

We are proud holders of the Advance HE Race Equality Charter and Athena Swan Charter, with a majority of our Schools also holding Athena awards. We are actively working to increase our proportion of senior female academics, the number of people from minority ethnic groups we employ and the degree awarding gap. We are also members of Stonewall Global Champions.

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