Mr Matthew Popplewell MBChB MRCS

Mr Matthew Popplewell

Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
Clinical Lecturer in Vascular Surgery

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Academic Surgery
Institute of Translational Medicine
Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT

Mr Popplewell has been recently appointed as Clinical Lecturer in Vascular Surgery at the University of Birmingham. He works clinically at the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire. Mr Popplewell's keen interest is in limb ischaemia, peripheral arterial disease and interventions for patients with infrapopliteal arterial disease.


  • Clinical Lecturer in Vascular Surgery
  • MD in Surgical Research (Pending 2020)
  • Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) - 2011
  • MBChB (Medicine/Surgery) 2010


  • Completed medical training at Keele University in 2010.
  • Completed Foundation Programme training in 2011 at Royal Stoke University Hospital.
  • Completed Core Surgical Training in the West Midlands Deanery in 2013.
  • Undertook period of research in Chronic Limb Threatening Ischaemia at the University of Birmingham (MD, thesis pending)
  • Reintegrated into clinical training in 2016 (ST3 in Vascular Surgery)
  • Appointed as Clinical Lecturer in Vascular Surgery in 2019.  

NICE & Varicose Veins - British Vein Institute Lecture


Currently investigating access and uptake to supervised exercise programmes in the UK for patients with intermittent claudication.

Involved in setting up a National registry for patients with acute type b aortic dissection. 

Involved with the BASIL-2 and BASIL-3 RCTs

Workstream surrounding Chronic Limb Threatening Ischaemia (CLTI):

  • Outcomes in those unsuitable for revascularisation
  • Contemporary data regarding survival outcomes
  • Focus on infrapopliteal disease 

Research Groups:  

  • BASIL-3
  • VSGBI and SVN Joint study on Intermittent Claudication

Other activities

  • Vascular ST6 at University Hospital of Coventry & Warwickshire (2019-20)
  • Higher Surgical Training Representative for the HEE West Midlands Deanery (2019-)


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