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BASIL-2 Results now published!

Our findings suggest a greater role for best endovascular treatment first strategy in the management of patients with CLTI who require an infra-popliteal revascularisation to restore limb perfusion.

Read the full results in The Lancet  


BASIL-2 is a multi-centre randomised controlled trial to find out if a ‘vein bypass first’ or a ‘best endovascular first’ revascularisation strategy is best, in terms of either clinical or cost-effectiveness, for severe limb ischaemia due to infra-popliteal disease.

Severe limb ischemia is the most severe form of lower limb peripheral artery disease and is a seriously disabling, life and limb threatening, condition. The aim of BASIL-2 is to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of these interventions  for people with severe limb ischaemia.


The BASIL-2 Trial is funded by a NIHR Health Technology Assessment grant (project number 12/35/45)

Trial Progress

BASIL-2 began recruitment in July 2014 and closed recruitment on 30 November 2020.  A total of 345 patients were recruited from 41 sites in the UK, Denmark and Sweden.

Participants were followed up for a minimum of 24 months, with maximum follow up of 84 months. Follow up was completed on 31 October 2022.

The results were published in The Lancet on 25 April 2023, and simultaneously presented at the Charing Cross International Symposium in London. Watch Professor Andrew Bradbury reveal the BASIL-2 results at the Symposium.

Thank you to all BASIL-2 participants and study sites for your hard work and commitment over the last eight years.