Professor Isabelle Szmigin

Professor Isabelle Szmigin

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Isabelle Szmigin has published in a wide range of academic journals including Sociology, Psychology and Marketing, The European Journal of Marketing, and the Journal of Business Research. She is on the editorial advisory board of the International Marketing Review, and the editorial board of the European Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Advertising Research.

Her research interests lie in the area of conceptualising consumer behaviour and understanding the social and policy issues concerned with consumption. Her book Understanding the Consumer examines the complexity and unpredictability of consumers in the marketplace of the twenty first century. 2015 saw the publication of her Consumer Behaviour textbook co-authored with Professor Maria Piacentini of Lancaster University.

Isabelle has held ESRC and British Academy Grants and is currently Principle Investigator on a European Foundation for Alcohol Research examining Lifestyle, social media and alcohol consumption. She is also Co-Investigator on an Alcohol Research UK Grant looking at Alcohol marketing to young people via social media and its implication for advertising codes of practice (PI, Professor Christine Griffin, University of Bath).

Isabelle regularly appears in the media including Newsnight, BBC Breakfast and BBC News and Radio 4’s Today programme. She has also appeared on the BBC’s Rip Off Britain and Watchdog. She is a columnist for the Conversation


  • BA (Hons) Reading
  • MBA(distinction) City (now Cass Business School)
  • PhD Birmingham
  • Dip MRS (distinction) 


Isabelle has been part of an  ESRC (Identities and Social Action Programme) funded project investigating the process of young adults' identity construction in relation to the branding and consumption of alcohol. She is currently involved in another ESRC project entitled  'Negotiating managed consumption: Young people, branding and social identification processes' with colleagues from the University of Bath and a British Academy funded project looked at consumer behaviour and supply issues in the disposal of the dead.


  • Consumer Behaviour and issues related to consumption, including ethical consumption
  • Young people and alcohol consumption
  • Attitudes to consumption of credit and debt
  • Family food consumption, sustainable consumption and waste
  • Complaining behaviour
  • Older consumers
  • Problems of consumption e.g. obesity
  • Online communities

Other activities

Isabelle is a full member of the Market Research Society, and a member of the British Psychological Society, and a fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is also a member of the Academy of Marketing, Association for Consumer Research, the Academy of Marketing Science, the American Marketing Association and the Society for Marketing Advances. 

Isabelle is a member of the ESRC Grant Assessment Panel for Business and has been a member of the ESRC virtual college.

Isabelle is a partner member of the Coming of Age Partnership, an organisation whose main objective is to promote age diversity and equality in the West Midlands. She is also a fellow of the World Demographic Association.

Isabelle has made over 50 media appearance including local and national radio and TV. She been asked to comment on a range of business stories including binge drinking, junk food, closure of retail outlets, controversial advertising, football sponsorship, buying British goods and major takeovers such as Kraft's take over of  Cadburys.


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Consumer behaviour; conceptualising behaviour in changing environments; shopping; ethical consumption; social marketing; alcohol consumption; consumer behaviour on the Internet; consumers and credit and debt.

Media experience

Isabelle is a prominent media commentator on consumer behaviour, marketing and the changing nature of the UK high street.

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Health and Social care

Policy in relation to alcohol and food consumption and in particular the marketing of each