Michael Bissell with international students

Supporting sponsors of international students

At Birmingham, we recognise the value and importance of establishing strong relationships with sponsorship bodies that provide financial support to students studying at our institution.

We take pride in our partnerships with international and national Government Ministries and Embassies, non-profit Governmental Organisations, as well as public and private institutions, foundations, and organisations. 

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As a world top 100 university, and one of the UK’s most internationally diverse universities, we have developed an understanding of the specific challenges faced by international sponsors and students. Each year, the university welcomes on average over 400 new sponsored international students. Our sponsored students come with support from approximately 75 organisations across 40 countries around the world.

We're home to over 700 sponsored students on our programmes, highlighting our global appeal and commitment to sponsor partnerships. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with sponsors to continually enhance our services for them and their students.

An image of Abdulaziz, BEng Chemical Engineering

I found the experience at Birmingham enlightening...I have changed quite a lot and become a better person because I have been through these experiences...I learned a lot culturally as we had students from China and Africa in the class and we could learn so much about their countries and backgrounds, that’s one thing I enjoyed a lot! Its a great experience and at the very end of it is humbling

Abdulaziz, BEng Chemical Engineering, Sponsored by a petroleum and natural gas company in Saudi Arabia

Meet our team

Our dedicated team provides a personalised service to ensure your goals and needs are met. 

An image of Michael Bissell
Michael Bissell, Deputy Head of International Recruitment Sponsor Development and Liaison Lead
An Image of Carl Adaway
Carl Adaway, Regional Recruitment Manager Sponsor Engagement in Central and East Asia
An image of Jasbir Mann
Jasbir Mann, International Project Administrator Sponsor Administration Lead
An image of Ruth Foster
Ruth Foster, Regional Recruitment Manager Sponsor Engagement in Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa & South-East Asia
An image of Gariema Sharma
Gariema Sharma, Regional Recruitment Manager Sponsor Engagement in Middle East, North Africa and South Asia

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We welcome the opportunity to work with sponsors throughout the world and encourage you to get in touch with us.