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Results, Confirmation and Clearing

Once exam results have been published, some universities may still have course places available and Clearing helps applicants find and apply for these places. At Birmingham, we have selected places available for high-quality applicants from 5 July.

Confirmation is when universities formally confirm your place on the course you've applied for or, make your status unsuccessful so you could be placed in Clearing. If you are holding an offer with us or have received your results, we have some frequently asked questions that can help during this time.

International Baccalaureate results

Current offer holders

International Baccalaureate results day is 5 July, and we want to make sure your results are processed as swiftly as possible by our admissions team so, if you haven't already done so, please contact your school to request that UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service in the UK) is added as one of the institutions to receive your results. We would prefer to receive your results via UCAS, but you can also add the University of Birmingham as an institution too.

This will ensure we receive your results as early as possible, and we can then confirm our decision to you as soon as possible after 5 July.

We recommend that you contact your school as soon as you can, to allow them time to action this request.

Clearing for International Baccalaureate students

If you have your results and you are interested in applying to the University of Birmingham through Clearing please see information on our International Clearing or Home Clearing web pages. 


What is Clearing?

Being in Clearing is a second opportunity to make a decision about the future. It’s also a way for students to find a place on a foundation or undergraduate course if they haven’t applied before the 30 June or haven’t been accepted by their Firm or Insurance choice universities.

You can also use Clearing if you:

  • didn't receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
  • were not accepted by your Firm or Insurance choices
  • have declined your Firm place, and so are not holding any offers

You can find out more about Clearing on the UCAS website and we've shared some tips on how to prepare below:

Blue background with white text saying how to prepare for Clearing
How to prepare for Clearing

Clearing is a process managed by the Universities and College Admissions Service or UCAS, and is an opportunity for applicants to gain a place at a university applying
for courses with spaces still available.

There are many reasons to choose to go through Clearing. It might be that you've never applied for university before or that you've missed the initial UCAS deadline.

So this is the opportunity to start that journey. It might be that you've already applied to university, but you want to look at other universities and explore your options a bit further.

Or you may have decided to change your mind and you're looking at completely different courses and Clearing will give you that option. Finally, it might be the unfortunate case that you didn't get into your firm or insurance choices, and you're using this as an opportunity to explore your options further.

Clearing does open in July, but the majority of Clearing places are searched and applied for on A-level results day. If you are applying through Clearing,
we've got some tips to help you prepare.

Research your options and find out what student life and accommodation is like at the universities you are considering.

Follow potential universities on social media to get a feel for them. Make sure results day is in your diary and keep that day free.

Plan and research for all outcomes. Whether you achieve exceed or don't quite meet your predicted grades.

Prepare for Clearing hotlines. Make sure you know what your grades are
and what courses you are interested in and make sure you call

Most universities will only be able to speak to you on the day, so it's your decision.

Relax and stay positive. Just make sure you prepare and there's no need to panic.