Study the impact Humans have on their environment including drought and deforestation

Undergraduate Human Sciences courses

Photo of the building of the School of Biosciences at dusk

School of Biosciences

From molecules and cells to organisms and their environment, Biosciences is an exciting area to study and is contributing to major advances related to human and environmental health, medicine, and food security.

Studying Human Sciences at Birmingham will provide a unique understanding of complex global problems and their relationship to the human condition. You will be empowered to view these problems in a new way unrestrained by traditional interdisciplinary boundaries bringing a ‘can do attitude’ to the tackling of large-scale global and local challenges. Combining topics including genetics, sociology, psychology, evolutionary biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, and anthropology, this exciting area of study responds to growing employment needs. It will equip you to become one of the next generation of 'global action' leaders, innovators, policy makers, teachers, and researchers.