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Making Home exhibition in The Exchange vaults

Making Home

Home can be a joyful space where we hold celebrations and express ourselves, somewhere we associate with happy memories of food, family and comfort. But it can also be an unhappy or uncertain place, or somewhere we have had to leave behind. Home may not be a place at all, but a feeling that goes beyond any physical location.

Running 22 October - 30 November, Making home, was a free drop-in exhibition in the Vaults at The Exchange. The aim is to collect people’s thoughts about home, and is ask what does home mean to you? Write an answer, make a recording and vote using a sticker and see your answers come alive in a new exhibition, opening February 2023.

Making home Exhibition Logo
What is the Making Home exhibition about?

What research is included from the University of Birmingham?

The Making Home exhibition is linked with wider research projects at the university focused on adult social care, migration and homelessness. Below you can explore more information on the different research projects included.

What does home mean to you? 

We asked the people involved in the different projects highlighted as part of this exhibition what home means to them. Do any of these answers resonate with you?

A Researcher from the Making Home Exhibition standing in front of deposit boxes
What does home mean to you? explore the answers