Three female students in discussion while sitting on chairs

Public Programmes Student Panel

Welcome to the Public Programmes Student Panel at the University of Birmingham – where your voice can help shape the heartbeat of our events, activities, and community engagement efforts at The Exchange, the University’s vibrant city centre venue in Centenary Square.

As a valued member of our Student Panel, you'll be involved in crafting experiences that resonate with our diverse audiences. Your insights, feedback, and creative sparks will support us in our mission to make our public programme more engaging, compelling and inclusive.

Collaboration is key; together, we'll brainstorm ideas, share perspectives, and you’ll work hand-in-hand with the Public Programmes team to bring exciting ideas to life. Whether it's through event planning, brainstorming sessions, or engaging activities, your contributions will leave a lasting impact.

And it's not just about making a difference – it's about personal growth too. Membership on our Panel is a paid opportunity that also counts towards the University's employability skills awards, enriching your academic journey with real-world experience.