Your Birmingham Offer

The following page contains information relating to what to do if you have or haven't met the conditions of your offer from the University if you are a current offer-holder.

What to do if you get your grades

If you meet all the terms of your offer your place to study at the University will automatically be confirmed. Confirmation of your place will be available for you to view on UCAS Track from 8.00am on Thursday 13 August 2020.

You do not need to contact the University; we will be in touch with you after 13 August by email to provide you with information about Welcome 2020.

What to do if you do not get the grades

If you have not met the terms of your offer the first thing you should do is check the progress of your application on the UCAS Track website from Thursday 13 August onwards. If you wish to speak to someone about your application you should contact us using the contact details provided in your offer letter.

Missing results

The official deadline for meeting all the conditions of your offer, including sending us any missing results, is 31 August. After this date we cannot guarantee that we will still be able to accept you on to the course since places may no longer be available. Should we be unable to accept you after this deadline we can offer you a place for deferred entry instead.


If you have missed the terms of your offer and intend to apply to your exam board for a re-mark please let us know by completing this form. If as a result of your re-mark you meet the terms of your offer in full before 31 August we will still accept you on to the course provided it is on or before that date (with exception of our Medicine and Dentistry programmes*). Unfortunately if you meet the terms of your offer in full after the 31 August we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accept you for the course since there may no longer be places available. In this situation we should be able to offer you deferred entry to 2021 instead.

*If you are a Medicine or Dentistry applicant we cannot guarantee a place for 2020 if you meet the terms of your offer after a remark. If we cannot offer you a place for 2019 we will offer you a place for 2021.

If you are waiting for the results of a remark and are not holding an offer anywhere we would still recommend that you look for a place through Clearing. By securing a place through Clearing you will have an alternative to fall back on should you fail to meet the terms of your offer.

Please note that UCAS do not alert us to the fact that an applicant’s results have changed following a re-mark, so if you do meet the terms of your offer after a re-mark you need to contact us directly with your new result as soon as you have it.

Release into Clearing

If you no longer want your place at with us, you no longer need to contact us to request that we release you. You can do this yourself using UCAS Track. The process is simple, but you will be asked a number of questions to ensure you fully understand what you are doing. You will need to sign into Track and click ‘Decline my place’ and follow the instructions. You will then receive an email confirming your release. If you make a mistake or have changed your mind once you have completed self-release, you will need to contact us but we cannot guarantee to reinstate your place. You can find out more via the UCAS website.