Study tour

One of the most exciting elements of any Single Honours degree in the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology is the opportunity to spend two weeks overseas in your second year as part of our Study Tour module. 

The Study Tour is a compulsory second-year module for the programmes below:

It allows students the opportunity to plan and undertake travel to various parts of the world to visit sites, monuments and museums of particular interest to their degree programmes. Greece and Italy are the most popular destinations but we have also had students venture to France, Denmark, Turkey and Egypt in the past.

Group work is key to the module: students plan, travel, and present their work as a group, normally with 2-6 students in each group. Students have the freedom to form their own groups.

Travel is subsidised by the University. Our current second years (2019-20 academic year) each receive £550 towards their costs. The average student spends approximately £700 on their Study Tour, but it is possible to spend less.

Semester 1 is the tour preparation section. In groups, students decide where they are going to visit, choose individual research topics, plan a detailed and annotated itinerary, including two weeks of Study Tour activity, prepare a preliminary bibliography (academic and practical), and present these as an illustrated report. In addition, they prepare a preliminary version of the University Risk Assessment form. Travel is insured by the University.

Throughout the teaching period in Semester 2, students will liaise with their academic supervisor on 2–4 occasions to optimise their academic understanding of what is to be visited before setting out. They will also revise their Risk Assessment in light of any developments since its initial compilation.

In the Easter vacation, each group will undertake their two-week Study Tour. Please do watch the above video to hear about the exciting experiences undertaken, pick up some advice for planning your own Study Tour, as well as seeing a selection of our students’ travel photos.