Combinations that are not possible due to timetabling reasons

  • Italian and Portuguese
  • Italian and Mandarin Chinese
  • Italian and Music
  • Italian and History
  • Advanced Russian and Spanish
  • English Language and German
  • History of Art and German
  • Beginner German and Music
  • Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese
  • Portuguese and History
  • English as a Modern Foreign Language with Italian and Portuguese
  • English as a Modern Foreign Language as a three language combination with Advanced Russian and Beginners or Advanced Spanish
  • Russian is not available as a sole language or alongside our Business Management minor (UCAS code R9N1)

For a comprehensive guide to all current combinations within Modern Languages, please visit our MyChoices app.

Please note: our English Language Joint Honours programme alongside Modern Languages (UCAS code 7Q6Q) is not English as a foreign language but consists of advanced linguistics which requires native standard English Language competence as well as a good pass in English Language A Level or equivalent.