Applicants returning to education

We encourage applications from people who have been out of education for some time and whose academic qualifications might not meet the current, standard programme entry requirements.

Female mature studentThe Admissions Tutor of the programme that interests you will be happy to advise on the suitability of your qualifications and experience. You may be invited to attend an informal interview, take a test or submit a piece of written work as part of your application. You may also be advised to undertake an access course before applying. Find more information on access courses at access to higher education website.

Some programmes,have very specific entrance requirements and these are detailed both on individual course listings in course finder and in our terms and conditions which also contains information about the University's conditions of study.

Male mature studentFor advice on specific courses, contact the Admissions Tutor listed against the course entry in the course finder or go to the relevant department's website. For general advice, email: