Peer-assisted study support

Students working in a group PASS is a peer support scheme where higher-year students, who have already passed the year or module that the scheme supports, lead study sessions for lower-year students - informal, relaxed and active sessions which help you to understand your subject better and improve your approach to learning.

PASS allows you to:

  • Adjust quickly to University life, introducing you to new friendship groups which will help you to settle in, and enabling you to develop and become more confident in your work.
  • Improve your study habits and your awareness of course direction and expectations. By listening to the PASS leaders’ own experiences, you can develop your understanding of what’s expected from you.
  • Enhance your understanding of the subject matter of your course through collaborative learning. It’s proven that peer learning activities like PASS can help students develop an understanding of how to participate in learning activities that are grounded in enquiry, debate and self-motivation.

First Year student "PASS enabled me to get to know more about the course from other students, rather than lecturers. It put my mind at ease about certain parts of the course, i.e. exams and essays."