What is a Student Experience Officer?

There are six Student Experience Officers in the College of Arts and Law.

Their responsibilities vary slightly from school to school, but their broad role is to enhance the undergraduate and postgraduate taught student experience and academic engagement working in close collaboration with colleagues. The Student Experience Officers are a visible and friendly presence for students in each school and work on a wide variety of projects and initiatives including:

  • Student events: running cultural, intellectual and social activities, working with student societies and organising student conferences and exhibitions.
  • Student communications: working closely with Staff-Student Committees, meeting with groups of undergraduate students and with academic staff about comments and suggestions and feeding back to students about how their comments have been acted upon.
  • Social media: keeping undergraduate students up to date with what’s happening in schools.
  • Induction and transition: working closely with academic colleagues to support undergraduate student induction and transition to life at the University of Birmingham.
  • New initiatives: developing innovative projects which enrich the student experience.

Student Experience Officers

The Student Experience Officers are part of a wider Student Experience Team.