New Staff in Metallurgy & Materials, March - July 2014

The School of Metallurgy and Materials has made several excellent new appointments over the past couple of months:


Dr Mary Taylor

Research Fellow

Research interests:

  • High Temperature oxidation of alloys and metallic coatings.
  • Oxidation of nickel-based superalloys, overlay and bond coats in thermal barrier coating systems.
  • Development of a chromia forming thermal barrier coating system.
  • Creep properties of metallic coatings


WaltonDr Allan Walton

Senior Science City Research Fellow



Research interests:

  • Rare Earth Magnet Research
    • The use of hydrogen decrepitation to extract NdFeB magnets from electronic assemblies
    • In-situ removal of magnets from large magnetic assemblies using hydrogen
    • Corrosion protection for NdFeB magnets
    • Recycling of rare earth magnets
    • Strip casting of NdFeB
  • Hydrogen Storage Research
    • Melt spinning of magnesium based alloys
    • Assessment of porous polymers for hydrogen storage
    • Assessment of metal organic frameworks for hydrogen storage
    • The use of 3-D laser confocal microscopy to visualise hydrogen interactions in-sit


Other appointments include:

  • Miss Jolade Azzan, Knowledge Transfer Specialist
  • Dr Rengen Ding, Research Fellow
  • Dr Timothy Doel, Research Fellow
  • Dr Yangchun Dong, Research Fellow
  • Dr Santiago Gallo, Research Fellow
  • Mrs Parastoo Jamshidi, Research Fellow
  • Dr Hangyue Li, Senior Research Fellow
  • Miss Yu Lu, University/Industry Technical Liaison Expert
  • Dr Milorad Novovic, Senior Research Fellow
  • Miss Lydia Pickering, Research Fellow
  • Mrs Rajinder Rattan, Marketing and Projects Officer
  • Mr Max Turner, Business Engagement Manager
  • Mr Yang Yue, Research Associate