Introducing UBRobotics

UBRobotics is a student society formed in February 2015 with the key objective of providing a forum for students to engage in projects and develop their skills in all aspects of robotics. It was set up and operates under the leadership of PhD researcher Amir Hajiyavand and one of its major activities is participating in national and international robotic competitions.

We provide a unique opportunity for students in the Schools of Civil Engineering, Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering to learn and collaborate in all aspects of robotics and automation in a very friendly environment. Students are able to develop valuable practical skills in coding, mechanical design, electronics and control engineering disciplines that are often not covered in the curriculum of their programmes.  The students run the Society entirely by themselves in all aspects such as project management, technical, finance, promotion, competition participation regulations and logistics.

As the Society develops it will provide opportunities for its members to visit a number of robotic companies, invite industrial speakers to give presentations, and acquire skills to develop robotic research projects. The club will also promote career opportunities through collaboration with industry partners.

In April this year UBRobotics members participated in, and achieved third place, at the national Eurobot competition at Middlesex University. This was a great achievement despite only having three months in which to plan and build the robot. It was also an amazing opportunity for our members to experience performing in a highly competitive environment and to network with peers from other universities and potential employers. We look forward to participating in Eurobot 2016.

With a friendly and engaging team, and highly rewarding projects to participate in, UBRobotics is great fun for students of all disciplines to get involved in.