Podcast - Port Postdoc

Podcasts from the members of PERCAT, discussing research, global topics and engaging with postdoctoral matters. Open for everyone.


September 2021 - Clean Air - Transition to Net-Zero

In discussion with Dr Manoj Ravi (School of Chemistry), Miss Katherine Woolley (PhD researcher, institute of Applied Health Research), Dr Jyoti Ahuja (Birmingham Law School), and Dr Andrea Mazzeo (School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences).  Hosts: Dr Azar Gholamipour-Shirazi (School of Mathematics) and Dr Pranav Vasanthi (School of Chemical Engineering).

May 2021 - Climate challenges - spotlight on community and stakeholder engagement

In discussion with Dr Susanne Börner and Dr Emma Ferranti (both School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences).  Host: Dr Saikat Dutta (School of Engineering).

February 2021 - Global Health challenges – spotlight on physical health.

In discussion with Dr Thomas Hall (Research Fellow, Chemical Engineering) Dr Vivian Lee (Postdoctoral Fellow, Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences) and Dr Erik Hughes (Post-doctoral researcher, Chemical Engineering)

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