The EPS & LES PERCAT programme is led by a steering committee which includes up to two postdoctoral representatives from each School in the Colleges of EPS and LES. 

The PERCAT Reps provide a voice for post-docs within their school, shape the development and direction of the PERCAT programme and provide a link for two-way communication with post-docs within their own school.   The PERCAT Reps are at the heart of the PERCAT programme, ensuring that it genuinely reflects the needs of the postdoc community.

Here you can find out about the PERCAT Reps for your School and how to contact them, and get an insight into the role of the PERCAT Rep and the benefits it brings.

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

New International Postdocs


Postdocs Needed

Get involved in shaping career development and training activities for postdocs and develop your own career at the same time.

The EPS & LES PERCAT Programme is always pleased to welcome new postdoctoral representatives onto the steering committee, in order to ensure we truly represent the interests of our diverse postdoc community.  If you are interested in becoming a PERCAT Rep within your School then please contact Richard Jones

Find Out More

  • Talk to one of our existing PERCAT reps to find out more about the role.  A full list of reps with email addresses is available on our PERCAT Committee webpage.

  • View the online profiles of our existing reps  to learn more about the roles and benefits of becoming a PERCAT rep.

  • Read our PERCAT Rep roles and benefits document to find out more about the role.