Dr Mary Taylor

PERCAT Rep for the School of Metallurgy and Materials

Image of Dr Mary Taylor

What is your academic background and your current research field?

I have been employed on high temperature oxidation research projects within Metallurgy and Materials since 1995.  These projects centre on the energy and aero industries with collaborative links with Rolls Royce, EDF, Siemens, RWE nPower, Alstom and a number of coating manufacturers.


  • characterising and modelling the degradation behaviour of a number of high temperature alloys, these include alloys currently used by Rolls Royce and new development alloys;
  • identification of delamination processes in Thermal Barrier Coating systems (TBCs) used in both aeroengines and land-based gas turbines;
  • degradation of MCrAlY overlay coatings and platinum and platinised aluminium (PtAl) coatings with particularly emphasis on aluminium depletion and interdiffusion effects;
  • design of advanced coatings such as SMARTCOAT and a new and novel Chromia Forming TBC offering a unique solution to intermediate temperature corrosion attach, for which we obtained a patent;
  • developing a methodology to evaluation of the creep properties of both MCrAlY and PtAl diffusion coatings.

As well as running and maintaining the High Temperature Research Laboratory I present my work at a number of oxidation related conferences.  I have been a member of the Organising Committee of Microscopy of Oxidation since 2004, an international conference held at three yearly intervals.  The next conference in this series will be in Cranfield University in 2020.  In addition to writing papers for publication I am also on the referee lists on a number of journals and am regularly asked to referee articles.