Dr Galane Luo

PERCAT Rep for the School of Mathematics Dr Galane Luo


What is your academic background and your current research field? 

 I am a mathematician interested in biology and physics. Since completing my PhD in modelling the interaction of free electrons with biomolecules, I have been a School-funded research fellow, working primarily on mechanical models of plant growth. I am also leading an independent project exploring complex social systems.

What is your role as a PERCAT Rep and how can postdocs in your school contact you?

I aim to be a first point of contact for our postdocs wishing to utilise PERCAT services or influence PERCAT initiatives. For example, if you want to know how PERCAT can help you, generally or on specific things, I will try my best to provide answers. Conversely, I try to channel useful information, e.g. about training and development opportunities, from PERCAT to our postdocs. I would also like to strengthen the sense of community among our postdocs. You can reach me by email: j.luo.5@bham.ac.uk, or drop by my office, 112 Watson Building.

What do you feel are the benefits of the PERCAT programme for postdocs and what do you feel have been the benefits to you from being a postdoc rep?

The PERCAT programme is designed to assist postdocs in their search for the careers they desire. Whether you need help writing your CV, preparing for interviews, developing skills, or you just want to network with other postdocs, senior academics and non-academic professionals – chances are, there is a PERCAT workshop or initiative that you’ll find useful. If there isn’t, then you can propose one; and as your rep, I will work with PERCAT to make your wish a reality.

As a PERCAT rep, I am enjoying expanded professional networks, unique insights into the UoB machinery, and the satisfaction of trying to do good by the people!