Dr James Wade-Zhu

PERCAT Rep for the School of Metallurgy and Materials

Image of Dr James Wade-Zhu

Phone: 0121 414 5170 | E-mail: j.m.wade@bham.ac.uk

What is your academic background and your current research field?

Hi, I am Dr James Wade-Zhu. I am the PERCAT representative for postdoctoral researchers within the School of Metallurgy and Materials. I have been a keen material scientist for a while now. I received my BSc in “Design with Engineering Materials” from Loughborough University in 2010 and my MSc in “Materials Engineering” from Swansea University in 2011. I then returned to Loughborough University to do my Ph.D on the “Contact Damage of Ceramics and Ceramic Nanocomposites”. I now work in the Advanced Ceramic Composites group. My current project is focused on developing ceramic matrix composites for low temperature aerospace applications.

What is your role as a PERCAT Rep and how can postdocs in your school contact you?

As your PERCAT representative, I welcome any enquiries or suggestions about any of the career development courses organised by PERCAT. If you would like to join the committee, please feel free to contact me either by e-mail or phone.

What do you feel are the benefits of the PERCAT programme for postdocs and what do you feel have been the benefits to you from being a postdoc rep?

Having been a postdoc for 3 years now, I know how rewarding it can be to be a researcher within the University system. I also know how easy it is to be absorbed by your research and to ignore developing the other skills necessary for career progression. However, because PERCAT is dedicated to holding trainings and events designed to help develop the careers of postdoctoral researchers such a myself, I have had no problem attending a wide variety of courses that have been beneficial to me and helped me to further my career in academia.