Dr Martin Rudorfer

PERCAT Rep for the School of Computer Science

What is your academic background and your current research field? Dr Martin Rudorfer

 I am a Research Fellow in the Intelligent Robotics Lab at the School of Computer Science.  My current project is all about robotic grasping and particularly about creating benchmarks / datasets to make ongoing research more comparable. Prior to that, I was at TU Berlin, Germany, where I studied Computational Engineering Science (a mix of mechanical engineering and computer science) and subsequently worked as a research and teaching assistant in the Industrial Automation Technology group, where I also received my PhD.

What is your role as a PERCAT Rep and how can postdocs in your school contact you?

 In my role as a PERCAT Rep I work towards an open and inclusive community of postdocs in our school, in which we support each other irrespective of our individual fields and backgrounds. If there are any needs or interests – I will represent them at College and University levels.

You can get in touch with me via email, in our MS Teams Research Fellow Channel, or in one of our regular RF Cafés.

What do you feel are the benefits of the PERCAT programme for postdocs and what do you feel have been the benefits to you from being a postdoc rep?

 PERCAT offers a lot of amazing events and opportunities, like the Postdoctoral Researcher Conference, careers seminars and even individual career coaching, just to mention a few. It also aggregates relevant development opportunities and training courses from other sources which is very valuable.

I would say my personal benefits from being a rep are getting to know all these opportunities first-hand, getting in touch with people from other schools and colleges, and learning how the university is run and how we can raise our voice and make a change.