Dr Warrick Ball

PERCAT Rep for the School of Physics and Astronomy.

What is your academic background and current research field? Image of Dr Warrick Ball

I am a Research Fellow in the School of Physics and Astronomy, working under Prof. Bill Chaplin in the Sun, Stars and Exoplanets group.  My research is broadly in studying distant stars that oscillate in the same way that the Sun oscillates, hence known as solar-like oscillators.  I'm currently focusing on how best to find stellar models that match the mode frequencies observed by past, current and future space missions.

What is your role as a PERCAT Rep and how can postdocs in your school contact you?

I am one of two representatives for the School of Physics and Astronomy.

In particular, I feel I am in a position to represent postdocs in astronomy and other fundamental fields, which have their own issues that aren't necessarily shared by more applied fields of research.

I'm happy to be contacted at my University email address.  Please visit my staff profile page for my contact details.

What do you feel are the benefits of the PERCAT programme for postdocs and what do you feel have been the benefits to you from being a postdoc rep?

The PERCAT programme is a valuable resource for giving a single, stronger voice to postdocs, and one that is listened to by the University administration.  By being a rep, I feel I have learned a great deal about how the University is structured and what mechanisms exist to try to support postdocs.