Birmingham students launch new initiative to reclaim resilience in healthcare

The 100 Word Project team (L-R): Jess Anstee, Alexandra Finch and Jess Rees

A team of medical and nursing students from the University of Birmingham and the Healthcare Leadership Academy are challenging the current concept of resilience in healthcare by promoting the ‘100 Word Project’ initiative.

Currently in its fourth week, the 100 Word Project consists of 100 quotes, over 100 days, each less than 100 words, all shared through the team’s social media accounts. Each post featured is written by individuals training and working in healthcare, across all disciplines and levels of training, and include anecdotes of personal experiences and advice.

The student-led initiative aims to challenge the current attitude and building resentment towards the use of the word and concept of resilience, particularly among political spheres as the ‘silver bullet’ for the healthcare service. The project also aims to create a sense of community and a platform for discussion on the topic, as well as provide ‘a daily dose of resilience’ for all those going to work in healthcare each day.

When asked what the project hopes to achieve, Alexandra Finch, one of the project leads, explained: “We believe that calling healthcare professionals to be more resilient is an injustice; in fact, for many individuals resilience is already integral to their practice. The 100 Word Project looks to reclaim and refresh the concept of resilience by sharing experiences and insights to support, inspire and celebrate the resilience already out there.”

The project has gained significant momentum on social media since its creation, with responses and engagement from across the healthcare service, as well as NHS leaders, chief executives, Public Health England directors and healthcare students.

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