Research Committee





Pro-Vice-Chancellor (RKT), in the Chair

Professor Tim Softley


5 College Research Directors

College of Arts and Law

Professor Michaela Mahlberg


College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Professor Jon Rowe


College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Professor David Hannah


College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Professor Paul Moss


College of Social Sciences



3 Members of Academic Staff (to be nominated by the Chair)

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Professor Peter Fryer


Professor of Social Policy

Professor Karen Rowlingson


Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Partnerships)

Dr Tariq Ali


The Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies

Professor Mike Hannon


The Director of Postgraduate Studies

Professor Gavin Schaffer


The Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Industrial Engagement)

 Professor Paul Bowen


 The Deputy-Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Impact)

 Professor Heather Widdows


Lay Member of Council

Mr Malcolm Harbour 


An external non-executive Director of University of Birmingham Enterprise

One of the following UoB Enterprise Board members will attend each meeting:

John Powell (Chairman, UoB Enterprise Ltd)

Brenda Reynolds (Director, UoB Enterprise Ltd)

David Brown (Director, UoB Enterprise Ltd)

Andrew Sleigh (Director, UoB Enterprise Ltd)


CEO University of Birmingham Enterprise

Dr James Wilkie


 The Head of Business Engagement

 Gurmit Kler


 Director of the Institute for Global Innovation and Development

 Professor Hisham Mehanna


Postgraduate Student's Officer, Guild of Students

 Jess Small


Terms of Reference 

The Research Committee has oversight of matters related to research policy and strategy at the University.  Research is here conceived as covering the whole spectrum of activity from initial idea through the investigative process, whatever form it might take, to the delivery of impact, encompassing engagement and knowledge transfer with potential users, stakeholders or beneficiaries as a part of any or all stages of this process. The terms of reference below should be understood as referring to this full spectrum.

Key responsibilities are:

    1. To provide Senate and UEB with leadership and advice on research policy and strategy at the University, for example through the effective articulation of a powerful and coherent vision in the University’s Research Strategy;
    2. To work with Colleges and Professional Services to create the appropriate environment and associated infrastructure (including IT and Library resources) to enable the University’s research and impact to be positioned at the forefront of national and international developments, both taking account of and shaping future agendas;
    3. To monitor research funding trends in the UK, Europe and key regions where the University has active collaborations; to ensure that new opportunities are being addressed and appropriate responses made where these are aligned with the overall Research Strategy;
    4. To ensure the University’s voice is heard at influential research organisations, including key players in the UK, Europe and other regions where the University has active research activities;
    5. To identify, promote and disseminate good practice in the management of research within the University, and also to promote research, engagement and impact successes internally and externally;
    6. To advise on and monitor progress towards research grants and contracts targets (applications, awards and income), including considering barriers to, and effective support for, the delivery of such targets;
    7. To advise on the capture and development of intellectual property opportunities;
    8. To advise on the development of strategic research partnerships with business and industry
    9. To oversee, via the Research Governance, Ethics and Integrity Committee, effective and appropriate research governance at the University;
    10. To oversee the ongoing development and delivery of the University’s Research Communications Strategy and its Public Engagement with Research Strategy;
    11. To oversee, via the Graduate School Management Board, effective strategies for the recruitment and support of postgraduate students, with a particular emphasis on their role as potential future research leaders;
    12. To oversee local implementation of national research-related initiatives such as Open Research;
    13. To oversee the development and delivery of appropriate staff development activities for researchers;
    14. To promote collaboration and interdisciplinary research, especially through the role of the IAS, both internally and externally, nationally and internationally, in order to improve the quality of the University’s research;
    15. To advise on, and monitor progress towards, Research and Influence activities and targets supporting the Strategic Framework, including the relevant KPTs.

Dates of Meetings 

The 2018/19 meeting dates are:

  • 26 September 2018
  • 13 November 2018
  • 22 January 2019
  • 19 March 2019
  • 18 July 2019

Contact Details

Dr Elizabeth Westlake
Secretary to the Research Committee
Planning Office
Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 7367