Compassionate Approaches to Teaching Online: a HEFi Guide - MicroCPD

Jamie Morris discusses the HEFi-produced netiquette guidance for staff and students, to help shape expectations around online teaching and learning.

Jamie Morris from HEFi discusses the netiquette guidance which has been produced for staff and students to help shape expectations around online teaching and learning.

This MicroCPD is directly informed by HEFi’s Framework for Educational Resilience (2020) which was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The framework consists of various resources to assist staff at University of Birmingham during these unprecedented times. Our sections on Netiquette for staff and students contains the University’s approach to netiquette, and provides guidance to staff on setting expectations and online behaviour. Taught sessions online provide a valuable opportunity for students to interact with members of staff and their peers in these unusual circumstances, and begin to foster a sense of community. The overall message is to continue to act with compassion and empathy in your pedagogical approach, and be aware of the diverse demographics and circumstances of each individual student. You can consider these principles in the design and delivery of your modules/programmes by taking a look at HEFi’s Remote Teaching Resource and The Inclusive Educator.

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