The University of Birmingham and its subsidiary group conducts its tax affairs in a diligent, prudent and transparent manner.

In order to do so, it commits to:

  • Comply with all relevant tax laws, rules, regulations and reporting requirements;
  • Apply diligence and care to any risks associated with tax and ensure that all governance and assurance procedures are appropriate;
  • Be professional and transparent in its relationships with tax authorities;
  • Make use of tax reliefs and incentives where appropriate to minimise the tax cost of conducting its activities;
  • Ensure that it does not enter any transaction that has as a main purpose the gaining of a tax advantage or make interpretations of the tax law opposed to the spirit of the legislation.

The University of Birmingham Group Tax Strategy is reviewed annually.

Read the tax strategy and policy

Contact us for more information:

Georgina Romano
Tax Manager
Finance Office
Aston Webb B Block

Heather Williams
Deputy Tax Manager
Finance Office
Aston Webb B Block