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Companies wholly owned by us

  • Details of the companies which we wholly own or in which we have an interest are set out in our Annual Accounts (see the section headed 'Subsidiary Undertakings').
  • Find more information about Alta Innovations Limited.

Organisations with which we collaborate

International collaborations

The University is proud of its extensive links with universities and other institutions throughout the world. Our collaborations take an array of different forms, ranging from student exchange and teaching partnerships to joint research on global issues. Through our extensive network of international partnerships we offer opportunities for collaboration on many levels including supporting universities, governments and companies in the development of their staff and providing international experiences for students and staff. Our academic staff research together with colleagues from every continent to address wide-ranging issues such as ensuring future energy demands can be met or to address global poverty.

Partnership working

The University has a long tradition of working in partnership with organizations in the public and private sector, for both collaborative research and the development and delivery of learning programmes. Recent examples include the Midlands Energy Consortium and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC). The University of Birmingham is proud to be a sub-regional partner for STEMNET, a national organisation funded by the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS), which creates opportunities to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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