Honorary Degrees

Do you know someone who has made a major contribution to academic, regional or national life? Have you considered nominating them for an honorary degree of the University of Birmingham? Nominations may be made by anyone who is a student, alumnus, employee, member of honorary staff or lay member of Council of the University.

Honorary Degrees

The University seeks to honour people through the award of Honorary Degrees, which are normally conferred at one of our Degree Congregations in July or December. In conferring the honour, we bring interesting people into the University, as a basis for further development of their relationship with the University and to provide an inspiration to those who are graduating.

Nominations are currently closed.   

The University currently has a waiting list of individuals who have been nominated for an honorary degree and are yet to receive it owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and other circumstances beyond the University’s control. The University is, therefore, not currently seeking new nominations. This webpage will be updated with further information in due course.

In the meantime, you can find out more about honorary degrees the University has awarded recently through the following press releases:

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University awards 2019 honorary degrees - University of Birmingham

The awarding of honorary degrees is overseen by the Honorary Degrees Committee. You can find out more information on the relevant webpage: Honorary Degrees Committee - University of Birmingham

Contact details

Chris Ellison
Governance Officer
E-mail: c.ellison@bham.ac.uk