Birmingham Centre for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research

The Birmingham Centre for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research in the School of Chemical Engineering is nationally and internationally recognised for its dynamism and expertise in fuel cell technologies. The Centre focuses on research and development, applications and demonstrations of fuel cell and hydrogen systems and technologies. 

We have an internationally recognised programme of research into hydrogen as a future energy vector and the development of key technologies, from sustainable production and hydrogen storage to commercial utilisation, as well as the efficient provision of electricity and heat from fuel cells. In all of these areas, we are working towards making a full hydrogen economy a reality.

Hydrogen as a clean energy carrier and its use in fuel cells holds great potential to help meet concerns over climate change, provided we can produce enough hydrogen through low emission technologies. A fleet of hydrogen fuel cell cars can be seen operating around our campus. We opened the UK’s first hydrogen vehicle refuelling station on campus in 2008, under the Birmingham Science City Programme. 

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