Robert Steinberger-Wilckens

Professor Robert Steinberger-Wilckens 

Director of Centre for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research and Head of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Group

Prof Robert Steinberger-Wilckens is director of the Birmingham Centre for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research and the EPSRC funded Centre for Doctoral Training Fuel Cells and their Fuels - a Birmingham led collaboration between Birmingham, Nottingham, Loughborough, Imperial College, and University College of London.


NameJob Title
Dr. Neil Rees Head of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Dr Shangfeng Du Head of Low Temperature Fuel Cells
Dr Ahmad El-kharouf EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training Manager
Mr John C Hooper, MBA Project Officer
Dr Artur Majewski Co-head of SOFC
Dr Huixin Zhang Marie Curie Research Fellow
Dr Yousif Al-Sagheer Head of Systems

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars

Professor Kenji Miyatake

Taegyu Park

Doctoral Researchers

List of current researchers including programme, funding and research topic information at the Birmingham Centre for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research
NameUniversityQual/FundingThesis TitleYear    

Laura Allerston

University of Birmingham


Applied and fundamental understanding of novel non platinum fuel cell catalysts in collaboration with Amalyst    


Irving Annan

University of Birmingham


High temperature electrolysis by reversing the function of a  solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) - BALANCE

Eridei Amakiri University of Birmingham PhD/Nigeria Decentralised supply of electricity, heat and other services with a PEFC  2014-2018
Nor Arifin University of Birmingham PhD/Malaysia Developing novel sustrates for SOFC cells  2014-2018
Liam Cooper University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Coating materials for bipolar plates in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) 2017-2021
Rhiannon Dixon University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Investigating the Use of Noval Dopants for SOFC Anodes to Improve Tolerances to Sulfur and Carbon 2016-2020
Sam Eadley University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Optimisation of conditions and material propoerties to maximise the efficiency of interface ion exchange within polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells 2016-2020
Oliver Fernihough  University of Birmingham  PhD/EPSRC CDT Ccm's (catalyst coated membranes) with textured membranes and stack development 2016-2020 
Elok Fidiani University of Birmingham

PhD/Indonesia EndowmentFund for Education

AgPt-Based NWs electrode for Fuel Cell Applications 2016-2019
Christopher Harrison University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Material performance of hydrogen fuel cells 2017-2021
Ruba Hendi University of Birmingham PhD/Chemical Engineering Student Awards Processing and characterisation of novel self-assembled hete rocatalysts 2017-2020
Oujen Hodjati-Pugh University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT 3D Multiphysics Modelling and Experimental Validation of Microtubular Solid Oxide Fuel Stacks with novel Interconnection 2015-2019
A Hye University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Low and high temperature fuel cell system integration to electric vehicles 2018-2022
Ahmed Ibrahim University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Testing filler materials within membranes of an intermediate temperature fuel cell 2017-2021
Dr Aimee Jackson University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Maganese oxide- Graphene oxide hybrid support systems for DMFC (and PEMFC) applications  2014-2018 
Naseruddin Khan University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Zero-emission energy cycle through fuel cell hybrid vehicles with efficient energy storage system applications 2017-2021
Peter Mardle University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT An investigation of in-situ grown NiPt nanowires for PEFC applications 2015-2019 
Abiola Oladeji University of Birmingham


Developing New Catalysts 2018-2022
Osaze Omoregbe University of Birmingham PhD/PTDF Nigeria   Catalysis  2019-2023
Melissa Oum University of Birmingham


Modelling Microstructural and Chemical Degradation of Protec tive Coatings for SOFC Interconnects 2015-2019
Bhargav Pandya University of Birmingham

PhD/Commonwealth Scholarship

Coupling exhaust heat from a fuel cell to a cooling device 2018-2021
Sathish Pandiyan University of Birmingham


Protective coating for SOFC interconnects via Inkjet coating 2015-2019
Pushpa Patel University of Birmingham


Evaluation of the effect of proton exchange membrane fuel cell nanocatalysts on membrane proteins 2018-2022
Marco Pignataro University of Birmingham


Phase change material based emulsions for thermal management applications 2018-2022
Hal Robbs University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Research into PEMFC catalysts  2013-2017 
Beatrice Sampson University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT The added value of hydrogen and fuel cells 2016-2020
Abubakr Siddiq University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Novel Electrode Materials for Proton Conducting Ceramic Electrolysers 2018-2022
Abigail Snowdon University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Optimising Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (rSOC) to reduce degradation during methane-assisted co-electrolysis 2017-2021
Samuel Sogbesan University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT  Turning hydrogen into transport fuels' 2018-2022
Alan Stephen  University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT R. Sphaeroides for Biohydrogen production and Fuel Cell Catalysts  2015-2019
Marcus Taylor University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Developing SOFC Systems 2018-2022
James Walker  University of Birmingham PhD/EPSRC CDT Investigation of binary and ternary catalysts to create low-cost, high performance electrocatalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells  2014-2018 
Kun Zhang University of Birmingham PhD/EU HEATSTACK Development of cost effective manufacturing technologies for key components of fuel sell micro combined heat and power(CH P) system 2016-2019

MRes Researchers

NameProject TitleYears
Zeyu Jiang  Carbon-tolerance SOFC anode manufacturing, testing with biogas  2017-2018
Athanasios Tzevelekakis

Metal based Gas Difussion Layers (GDLs) for IT-PEMFC (intermidiate polymere fuel cells)



NameQual/FundingThesis TitleEmploymentYears
Dr Nasar Al-Mufachi PhD/EPSRC CDT

Effects of palladium thin films on the hydrogen permeability of PD-CU alloy membranes

Research Fellow, University of Birmingham


Dr Ghzzai Almutairi


Liquid hydrocarbons in SOFCs, hydrogen fuel cells, colloids and delivery of molecules to the consumer

Dr Sophie Archer


Life Cycle Analysis of Biomass Derived fuels for Fuel Cells

Research Fellow, University of Birmingham 2013-2018
Dr Christopher Bennett (UoN)


Optimisation of the thermal management of a solid state hydrogen store based on magnesium hydride

 Thermo-Fluid Engineer, Rolls Royce 2010-2014
Dr Caroline Blackmore


Photocatalytic (solar) production of H2 with size-selected, tunable nanocatalysts 

2012-2016 2012-2016
Dr Carolina Branco


Composite electrolyte membranes for electrochemical energy conversion in polymer fuel cells 

 Research Fellow, University of Birmingham 2013-2017 
Ms Rosie Bullock PG Cert

Mathematical modelling of behavioural responses to fuel cell applications 

Dr Henry Burch PhD/EPSRC  CDT

Photochemical hydrogen production using new and developed materials to produce a prototype PEC anode 

Development Scientist, Amalyst Ltd 2012-2016
Dr Amrit Chandan PhD/EPSRC  CDT

High temperature PEMFC stacks for vehicles, improving start-up time and lifetime

Technical Specialist, Aceleron


Dr James Courtney PhD/EPSRC CDT

Characterizing the redox active species within liquid catholyte proton exchange membrane fuel cells

Research Fellow, University of East Anglia


Dr Martin Cuddy


Size-selected MOS2 clusters for hydrogen evolution 

Photocathode Development Engineer, Photek (Hastings)


Dr Oliver Curnick PhD/EPSRC  CDT

Ionomer-stabilised Pt and Pt-Ti bimetallic electrocatalysts for the proton exchange membrane fuel cell

Research Quality Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover


Dr Rosalind Davies PhD/EPSRC  CDT

Light metal hydrides for hydrogen storage materials 

Editorial Assistant, Taylor & Francis Group 2011-2015
Mr John Drake MRes Modelling of proton exchange membrane fuel cells in matlab and comsol    2009-2013
Dr Daniel Escalera Lopez PhD/EPSRC CDT Nanostructuring Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for the Hydrogen EvolutionReaction   2014-2018
Mr Peter Fisher   Electronics control aspects of fuel cell applications within hybrid systems (hydrogen store, battery, fuel cell, electric motor drive, plus BoP)   2009-2015
Aimee Jackson PhD/EPSRC CDT Maganese oxide- Graphene oxide hybrid support systems for DMFC (and PEMFC) applications   2014-2019
Dr Miguel Angel Molina Garcia PhD/EPSRC CDT Non-precious-metal catalysts for alkaline polymeric membrane fuel cells (APMFC)   2013-2017
Mr Balraj Ghataore MRes Automotive application of intergrated PEMFC battery system for power and freezing Research Engineer, Intelligent Energy 2010-2011
Mr Jonathan Goh MRes Novel electrocatalyst supports for PEMFC Doctoral Researcher at HySA Systems Competence Centre 2011-2014
Dr Gaurav Gupta PhD/EPS Bimetallic platinum-chromium nanoparticles as electrocatalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEFCs)

Research Fellow, University of Manchester  


Ms Lydia Gurley MRes Characterisation of and hydrogen gas generation from digestate waste   2011-2015
Dr Philip Hamilton   PhD  The development of PVD coatings for proton exchange membrane fuel cell bipolar plates MIBA - Teer Coatings  2009-2012
Dr Scott Hardman PhD/EPSRC CDT Niche market applications and the marketing of hydrogen and fuel cells  Market Research Analyst, Blue Vine Consultancy 2012-2016
Dr Mariska Hattenberger PhD/EPSRC CDT Survey of existing membranes including new membrane development and testing for IT and HT PEMFCs  Research Fellow, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 2011-2014
Dr Katie Howe PhD/EPSRC CDT Design improvement of micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cells for unmanned aircraft applications  Patent Attorney  (Birmingham) 2009-2013
Dr Paul Jennings PhD/EPSRC CDT Computational studies of mono and bimetallic nanoclustsers for potential polymer electrolyte fuel cell applications 

Research Fellow (Development of search techniques and their application for electrocatalytic problems), Stanford University


Dr Martin Khzouz PhD The development and characterisation of Ni-Cu/Al203 catalyst for hydrogen production via multi fuel reforming Lecturer in Automotive Systems, Coventry University 2010-2013
Dr Yaxiang Lu PhD/EPS Advanced nanoparticles for fuel cell application  Research Assistant, University of Surrey 2012-2015
Dr Nikkia McDonald PhD/EPS SOFC Materials   2011-2016
Dr Lois Milner PhD/EPSRC CDT High temperature gas characterisation applied for catalyst development and to provide on-board diagnostics for fuel cells operating on reformed methane   2014-2018
Mr Haroon Momand MRes The effect of ultrasound on nafion polymer in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs)   2010-2013
Mr Arvin Mossadegh-pour   Coupling high performance metal hydride hydrogen storage to SOFC systems   2012-2016
Dr Jill Newton PhD/EPSRC CDT Nanoparticle catalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. A study of surfactant effects on dispersion and catalysis    2009-2013
Dr Tom Pike PhD/EPSRC CDT Development and processing of novel solid oxide fuel cell materials  Project Officer in Energy Innovation & Collaboration, University of Nottingham Energy Technology Centre 2009-2013
Dr Jamie Sandells PhD/EPSRC CDT Mathematical modelling of planar solid oxide fuel cells  Analyst, Deutsche Bank Global Markets 2009-2013
Dr Jonathan Sands PhD/EPSRC CDT Mathematical modelling of oscillatory behaviour in methane powered SOFCs Research Fellow, University of Bangkok 2010-2014
Dr Anwar Sattar PhD/EPSRC CDT Syngas production from biochar followed by purification for SOFC use Research Engineer, Axion Recycling 2010-2014
Dr Nathan Jin Lei Shang PhD/EPSRC  CDT The role of hydrogen and fuel cells for ultra low carbon vehicles  Research Fellow, Coventry University 2009-2012
Dr Daniel Symes PhD/EPSRC CDT Development of on-demand low temperature electrolysers and their systems  Research Engineer, Intelligent Energy  2010-2014
Dr Gareth Thomas PhD/EPSRC CDT The political economy of hydrogen energy; mapping discourse and action  Research Fellow, University of Birmingham 2010-2014
Dr Lina Troskialina PhD/EPS Microtubular SOFC operating on bio methane  Research Fellow, University of Birmingham 2009-2012
Dr Tsang-I Tsai PhD Development of a control system for the solid oxide fuel cell stack with combined heat and power systems  Research Engineer, Intelligent Energy 2009-2015
Dr James Watton

PhD/EPSRC CDT Solid oxide electrolysers for lower costs hydrogen production through steam electrolysis  Intelligent Energy 2010-2016
Dr Anna Williams PhD/EPSRC CDT Catalysis: reducing platinum loading using micro-organism based platinum nano-particles for PEMFCs    2010-2014
Mr Salman Zadeh MRes Sonoelectrochemical production of hydrogen through electrolysis Process Engineer, Persian Kimya Chlorine Production Complex 2010-2011
Mr Sotiris Alexandrou MRes Use of biogas on solid oxide fuel cells   2014-2015
Mr Kun Zhang  MRes Development of metal-polymer conjugate coatings for stainless steel bipolar plates in PEMFC Doctoral research - Fuel Cells CDT 2014-2015
Mrs Rachel Priestley MRes Hybrid precious metal-carbon (nano) structures for novel electrocatalysts   2011-2015
Dr Yousif Al-Sagheer  PhD/Iraq Fuel cells and hydrogen for balance renewable energy fluctuations  Research Fellow, University of Birmingham 2013-2016
Ms Fatima Zia   Nanotoxicological properties of fuel cell emissions   2012-2016

Former Researcher Fellows

Former Research Fellows
Dr Naser Al-MufachiResearch Fellow
Dr Pramod BL Chaurasia Marie-Curie Research Fellow
Dr Aman Dhir Teaching Fellow
Dr Maria Galvez Research Fellow
Dr Ramayian Kannnan Marie-Curie Research Fellow
Dr Iain Staffell Research Fellow 
Dr Andreas Tsoligas Research Fellow 
Dr Surbhi Sharma Teaching Fellow
Dr Bostjan Hari Research Fellow
Dr Tsang-I Tsai Research Fellow
Dr Lina Troskialina  Research Fellow and Lecturer, University of Bandung, Indonesia

Former Academic Visitors

Former Academic Visitors
Dr María García Camprubí
Dr Jong-Eun Hong
Professor Majid Ghassemi
Professor Subu Lee
Dr Dustin McLarty
Dr Ghazal Razeghi