Oujen Hodjati-Pugh

Centre for Doctoral Training Doctoral Researcher             



School of Chemical Engineering
University of Birmingham                            
B15 2TT
United Kingdom



Lead Supervisor

Robert Steinberger-Wilckens

Research Summary

Oujen Hodjati-Pugh joined the Centre for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research in September 2015 as part of the CDT. Prior to this, he graduated from the University of Manchester in June 2015 with his master’s degree in Chemical Energy with Energy and Environmental Studies and has industrial experience at Ipsen Biopharm UK.

The aim of his current research is the simulation and fabrication of a Microtubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (µSOFC) stack for portable power applications. Oujen promotes sustainable development in all aspects of life, focusing on renewable energy solutions to conclude the fossil fuel era. 

He is funded through the EPSRC CDT  in Fuel Cells and their fuels: EP/L015749/1.


Chemical Energy with Energy and Environmental Studies, University of Manchester (4 year MEng).


Oujen graduated from his MEng degree in 2015. During the course of his degree, he worked within the Centre for Process Integration, optimising process utility systems, minimising costs through the design of heat exchanger networks for chemical production plants. For his master’s project, he worked on the synthesis of functionalised metal organic frameworks (MOF) for hydrogen production and storage.


Oujen’s research aims to investigate the interrelationship between fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and charge transfer in a µSOFC and stack using computational fluid dynamics. A validated model will be the basis for the design and fabrication of a portable stack capable of operating on a multitude of fuels. Novel interconnection designs will be explored for the purpose of enhancing current collection and cell performance.

Other activities

Oujen endeavours to encourage sustainable development within the energy sector and transport sector through public engagement activities, social media campaigns and the Energy Discussion Forum which he co-founded in 2013. He organised an educational engagement activity at the FCH2 2016 conference, promoting hybrid electric vehicles and hydrogen technology. He competed in the 2016 Shell Eco-Marathon with the Imperial College London team, assisting in the development of the tri-generation hybrid drive system (fuel cell-batter-supercapacitor).

Oujen has a fundamental love of motorsport and has entered local amateur rally events within Wales as driver and co-driver. He has competed at the county and University level in rugby and American football. Oujen was awarded his 2nd Dan Black belt in traditional Kempo Karate in 2012 and has since received instructor status.



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