Hanlin Li

Centre for Doctoral Training Doctoral Researcher

Hanlin Li


Loughborough Design School,
Loughborough University,
LE11 3TU



Lead Supervisor

Professor Andrew Morris

Research Summary

Hanlin Li joined the Centre for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research in January 2018 as part of the CDT. Prior to this, he graduated from Loughborough University in June 2016 with an MPhil degree in Automotive Engineering.

The aim of his current research is to consider the impacts of human factors on the design of the next-generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. The research will investigate the incidents and accidents scenarios, and identify driver’s behaviours that are likely to cause the potential hazards and generates a protocol regarding both technological and psychological solutions. The research will involve the use of real-world case studies and simulator simulations.


MEng: Advanced Manufacture Engineering and Management, Loughborough University (2010)

MPhil: Automotive Engineering – Internal Combustion Engine, Loughborough University (2016)


During his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, Hanlin covered a wide range of engineering-related subjects including design and machining skills training. He was attracted to the research and design of next-generation vehicles whilst he was doing his MPhil degree. In addition to the research role, he has participated in the management team of an international organisation in the healthcare sector. Hanlin has re-entered education as a full-time researcher under the Centre of Doctoral Training Scheme.


Hanlin's research is focused on the human factor impacts on the safety issues regarding Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies, especially in the aspect of automotive applications.

Other activities

Hanlin enjoys a range of hobbies including archery, hiking and reading.