James Wakerley

Centre for Doctoral Training Doctoral Researcher                                                  

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RAD Building
Jubilee Campus
Wollaton Road, 
Nottingham, NG8 1BB
United Kingdom



Lead Supervisor

Dr Sanliang Ling

Prof Gavin Walker

Research Summary

James joined the CDT for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research in April 2018. Prior to this, he graduated from the University of Birmingham in July 2017 with a joint honours MSci in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics.

His current research concerns the development of machine learning models trained to experimental results or DFT calculated data that will then be used to create new material design rules in order to computationally identify new materials (either real or hypothetical) that can be synthesised and tested in realistic experimental conditions.

James is funded through the EPSRC CDT in Fuel Cells and their fuels: EP/L015749/1.  


MSci: Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics, University of Birmingham, 2017


James graduated with his undergraduate masters degree in 2017. With this course being taught jointly between the School of Physics and the School of Mathematics he had the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects in the world of physics, while also developing his understanding of the underlying mechanics and the pure mathematics that govern them. In his masters project he compared two competing models that claim to explain the movement of holes and electron throughout the characteristic copper oxide plane of cuprate materials, a mechanism that is the crux to the onset of superconductivity in these particular ceramics.


His current work looks to use machine learning methods with regression models formulated to map properties of a material to predetermined results. This fit can then be used in order to identify new materials that obey the same model.

Other activities

In his spare time James enjoys cooking and playing video games, and also plays hockey.