Birmingham Energy Institute (BEI)

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The complexity of the energy challenge requires systems level thinking, drawing on the breadth of our capabilities from policy and economics to new technologies. With our national and international collaborators, from both academia and industry, we are helping to define the landscape for the future. The Birmingham Energy Institute brings together people and ideas, it enables funding and training and delivers creative solutions and human talent.
Professor Martin Freer, Director of BEI.


Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are offered to students to develop an energy career.

Energy policy

Bringing together leading figures to develop reports and policy documents to inform decision of policymakers.

Birmingham Policy Commission: Doing Cold SmarterBirmingham Policy Commission: Doing Cold Smarter

Considering the wider impact of 'cold' at a system level.


Developing new knowledge to answer questions about the future of energy.

Nuclear EngineeringBlog

Our experts blog about energy issues and challenges.

mec logoMidlands Energy Consortium

We are a partner in the Midlands Energy Consortium. with the Universities of Nottingham, Loughborough and Warwick and the British Geological Survey.


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